Charitable Funds

The Georgia United Methodist Foundation manages many different types of charitable funds for individuals. Below is a list of the most common fund types for individuals to use, along with a brief description of each. If you have questions about any of our funds, please do not hesitate to contact us at 770-449-6726, 877-220-5664 or for more information.

Permanent Fund – Designated
A permanent fund for the benefit of a specific United Methodist church or ministry. This fund may impose restrictions.

Permanent Fund – Ministry
A permanent fund for a specific United Methodist cause or ministry focus, which is not designated to a specific United Methodist church or ministry. The donor may make grant recommendations and should establish a successor advisor or designate grant making to the Georgia United Methodist Foundation. This fund may impose restrictions.

Permanent Fund – Scholarship
A permanent fund to provide scholarships to students pursuing particular careers. The donor will establish scholarship parameters and designate a scholarship committee to select recipients. This fund may impose restrictions.