Something to Think About with Keith Lawder and Steve Waldorf - 2-12-18 Devotion


“And whenever you fast do not look dismal like the hypocrites, for they disfigure their faces so as to show others they are fasting.” - Matthew 6:16

Fasting was not as big a deal in my house growing up as it was in the homes of some friends. Because my mother was from New Orleans, we celebrated Fat Tuesday as well as Ash Wednesday. We all knew giving up something like candy or ice cream for Lent was temporary. Still, a few friends refused to wash the cross of ashes from their foreheads and loudly lamented the hardship of giving up a favorite delight. Certainly, it is noble to truly sacrifice for one’s faith. Perhaps there is something else we should consider about giving up something for Lent. If our sacrifice involves real repentance and real reflection, we will likely discover that giving up something opens us up to receiving something much greater: the indwelling of the Holy Spirit!

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