11 Reasons Why Rev. Doreen Smalls Invests in GUMF Certificates


In this article, Rev. Doreen Smalls, Southwest District Superintendent with The South Georgia Conference, explains why she invests in the Georgia United Methodist Foundation (GUMF) Certificate Program.

  1. GUMF is a ministry of The United Methodist Church whose purpose is to empower the lives of individuals and offer support to churches and other ministries.
  2. GUMF provides a safe place with fixed interest rates and easy accessibility if needed.
  3. It meets my spiritual goal of having the ability to take care of family and give to others.
  4. I received higher returns than other financial institutions at the time of the initial investment.
  5. It gives peace of mind. I trust the integrity and ability of GUMF.
  6. It is low risk. GUMF has a successful history of managing and investing funds.
  7. It is another way to help churches and ministries in need, which fosters the connectional system.
  8. It is socially responsible.
  9. It gives back to churches.
  10. It is helping others while helping self.
  11. It is a win-win situation.