A Little Lagniappe?


On a trip to New Orleans a few years back I learned about lagniappe. It loosely translates to “a little something extra.” If you find yourself with a little something extra at year end, would you consider a “lagniappe" gift to the Georgia United Methodist Foundation? If the stock market has been good to you or you are simply looking for an additional tax-deductible contribution, perhaps GUMF will fit the bill. You may designate a gift for whatever you are passionate about: our scholarship fund; our Grant Fund; or perhaps our new Clergy Financial Leadership Academy fund. If your church has an endowment fund at GUMF, you may wish to donate to it. Here’s my point. If you feel truly blessed this year, you will find great joy sharing your blessings with others. We at GUMF can help. Won’t you give us a call to explore how you might give a little lagniappe this holiday season?