Special Update: New Higher Certificates Rates are Now Available!


You can save more while making an impact with new higher certificate rates ranging from 1.50% to 2.75% from the Georgia United Methodist Foundation! Please see FAQs and new rates below.

What is the Foundation's Purpose and Mission?
The Foundation's mission is to deliver faith-based financial solutions for investing, lending, training, and planned giving. Through this mission, the Foundation is a ministry partner with Georgia-based United Methodist churches, agencies, districts, conferences, and individuals. Our purpose is totally focused on elevating and advancing the mission of the church.

What is the Foundation’s Certificate Program?
In 2009, the Foundation launched the Certificate Program as a way to raise funds for extending loans with competitive terms and rates to churches and agencies. We offer fixed-rate 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-year certificates.

What are the Foundation’s Certificate Program rates?*
The rates below apply to new certificates issued starting June 15, 2022.

1-Year = 1.50%
2-Year = 2.00%
3-Year = 2.50%
4-Year = 2.75%

How will my certificate investment make an impact?
You earn higher returns than similar instruments and receive peace of mind knowing 100% of your investment is helping churches and agencies be good stewards of the funds entrusted to them by God. The Foundation’s Loan Program is growing and additional funds are needed to help entities:

  • Construct new church facilities and buildings
  • Expand facilities and ministries such as a preschool
  • Purchase land, a parsonage, or an existing building
  • Renovate church-related buildings, replace the roof, pave and expand parking, and update HVAC, sound, lighting, and security
  • Refinance existing debt from other financial institutions' loans

Who can invest in the Foundation’s Certificate Program?
Churches, entities and individuals (18 years of age or older), who reside in Georgia and are affiliated with The United Methodist Church may invest. A $5,000 minimum investment is required.

Are the Foundation’s Certificate Program investments insured?
Although investments in the Foundation’s Certificate Program are not insured, they are safeguarded through strict investment and lending policies, strong board leadership, and competent staff.

How do I invest in the Foundation’s Certificate Program?

  1. Review the Offering Circular, which includes investment objectives, risks, and other information. To learn more, contact the Foundation at 770-449-6726 or or visit
  2. Choose and complete an Application to Purchase a Certificate below and mail it with your check made payable to the Georgia United Methodist Foundation, PO Box 922087, Peachtree Corners, GA 30010-2087:

*Rates as of June 15, 2022. All rates are subject to change without notice. Call the Georgia United Methodist Foundation at 770-449-6726 for current rates. Certificates are not insured by the FDIC or any other government agency and are not obligations of or guaranteed by a bank. This ad constitutes neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to buy the securities described. Offers are made only after receiving and reviewing an Offering Circular.

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Stock Market Declines: A Video with Wespath’s CIO


Chief Investment Officer Dave Zellner discusses the recent U.S. stock market declines. Watch Wespath’s take on bear markets, including why and how often bear markets occur, how markets have been affected by recent Fed action, the impact on equities and bonds, and what comes next.

Watch the Video here.

Additional Resources - Commentary from Wespath's Asset Manager Capital Group: How to Handle Market Declines

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2021 Annual Report Our Purpose is Your Mission!


Our Purpose is Your Mission! is the theme of the Georgia United Methodist Foundation's 2021 Annual Report. It is our most comprehensive report ever featuring information on our board of trustees and staff, year in review milestones, testimonies from our ministry partners, financials, and resources for investing, lending, and planned giving. Read our Annual Report here.

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Why Choose the Foundation and Wespath Institutional Investments?


Investing with Wespath Institutional Investments through the Georgia United Methodist Foundation allows your organization to focus on its own good work, while reaching its financial objectives. Wespath's priority is a strong financial future for clients and partners. Wespath believes sustainable investment activities strengthen the potential to consistently provide strong, long-term financial returns that achieve stated investment objectives.

To learn more, view our Investing with the Foundation brochure here.

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The Foundation Delivers Advanced Faith-Based Financial Solutions for Investing


The Georgia United Methodist Foundation (GUMF) manages and grows $259 million in kingdom-focused investments and certificates entrusted to our care on behalf of Georgia-based United Methodist churches, agencies, districts, and conferences. Four investment partners share why they value the Foundation’s advanced faith-based financial solutions for investing.


The Rev. Jasmine R. Smothers
Atlanta First UMC Lead Pastor, Atlanta

“The Foundation offers many different ways to partner together, and the opportunities we get to share as a connectional church are important to us. We don’t invest with the Foundation just because we are good stewards for Atlanta First. We also invest for the good of the North Georgia Conference and the community as a whole. If any church out there is looking to attempt something so big that without God, it’s bound to fail, the Foundation is a great resourcing partner in that ministry and can be helpful to churches in ways beyond having funds to invest.”

BreNita Jackson
Breakthru House, Inc. Executive Director, Atlanta

“Breakthru House’s mission is to provide gender-specific comprehensive treatment to women and their children who present with the co-occurring disorders of substance use disorder, mental illness, poverty, homelessness, and trauma. We launched a $1.8 million capital campaign to increase our capacity to change or save lives due to the growing opioid crisis. The partnership between Breakthru House and the Foundation is priceless and helps us as an organization stay financially healthy and impact the community through recovery.”

Brook Scardina
The Roswell UMC (RUMC) Foundation Board Chairman, Roswell

"I believe the RUMC Foundation and GUMF share a strategic partnership with mutually aligned faith-based investment objectives. GUMF provides a high-quality service offering with access to institutional quality investment solutions. GUMF really serves as an extension of our staff in providing a suite of offerings coupled with financial solutions that enable the RUMC Foundation to advance the mission and body of work while employing a strategic partnership approach."

Dr. Derek W. McAleer
The South Georgia Conference Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services, Macon

“I’m grateful for the expertise and services GUMF provides to our conference. GUMF assists us by managing several endowments and funds we have for specific purposes. We like the security GUMF provides, the returns we get on our investments, and the way GUMF uses our invested funds for loans to churches for kingdom work. They provide a tremendous resource to local churches. I am constantly referring a church to GUMF for a loan or refinance proposal, to work on a cemetery association, to handle certificate investments, or some similar work.”

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