Bob Forrest Establishes Legacy Support for Action Ministries

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Bob Forrest of Decatur understands the joy of Christian stewardship that comes from wisely investing his resources.

For decades, he has faithfully served Action Ministries in numerous leadership roles that support its mission of providing hunger relief, housing and education solutions to low-income and homeless families in Georgia. In addition to giving his time and expertise, Bob has established several planned gifts with the Georgia United Methodist Foundation that will ensure the work of Action Ministries continues long after he is gone

“I’m Methodist and my wife is a Methodist pastor so I’m interested in something that works within that framework,” Bob said. “I do have a passion about the types of services with which Action Ministries has been involved.”

Thanks to Bob’s vision and generosity, thousands of lives will be touched. The Action Ministries After School Program at My Sister’s House at Atlanta Union Mission is one such example. “This program is an amazing opportunity for vulnerable children across Georgia to have continuity in instruction, education and enrichment activities, which not only fosters reading, writing and math comprehension, but develops their self-esteem and confidence so that they can envision a life outside of poverty,” said Kate Boyer, former executive director of Action Ministries Atlanta.

“Action Ministries relies not only on the annual support of donors and friends, but on the legacy support as well. It’s foundational. In some ways, it’s the ultimate gift that we can receive,” said Anna Hutto, former vice president of development of Action Ministries. “The gift that he has made on the planned giving front is not only just about how it impacts Action Ministries, but also how it impacts Bob and his family. Giving is cyclical. We give, and in giving, it comes back to us.”

“Most of what I’ve done with the Foundation is charitable gift annuities. Part of that is selfish because I get the benefit of the investment while I’m still alive, but when I die, it does go to the charity that I’ve designated,” he said. “I think it’s a win-win deal. I can make the gift now and get an immediate income tax advantage. Then, I just get quarterly interest payments for the rest of my life.”

The Foundation also provides planned giving resources, counsel and expertise to United Methodist-related ministries. “It’s a partner to whom we can go and provide a trusted, sound place for our donors and our friends to make a planned gift that would benefit Action Ministries and all its programs around the state,” Hutto said. “We count on the Foundation to provide the same care, spirit of giving and service that we would give at Action Ministries.”

This article was originally published in the Georgia United Methodist Foundation’s 2011 Annual Report.