Buck and Theresa Taylor Invest in Eternity


When Buck and Theresa Taylor of Fort Gaines, Ga. used proceeds from the sale of their 500-acre farm to purchase certificates from the Georgia United Methodist Foundation, they not only received higher returns than similar instruments, they also invested in eternity.

Collectively, United Methodist churches, ministries and members in Georgia have invested $33 million in the GUMF’s Certificate Program. This connectional program has enabled the GUMF to extend $28 million in loans to churches and ministries for the refinancing of debt, land acquisition, new construction, and expansion and renovation of facilities.

“It’s comforting to know that our money is being used to do God’s work,” said Mr. Taylor.

The Taylors first learned about the GUMF’s Certificate Program through Fort Gaines UMC where he serves as Treasurer. “I discovered through our Finance Director that our church had purchased some certificates. I spent two months doing research on CDs. While the certificates are not insured by the FDIC, the GUMF offers better interest rates,” Mr. Taylor said. “We read the information the GUMF sent to us. We also went to different financial counselors who said that the GUMF was very solid, and there was no reason to be concerned. After that, we jumped on it and took advantage of the excellent rates.”

Fort Gaines UMC has been the Taylors’ church home for almost nine years. “We love our church,” Mrs. Taylor said. “It’s one big family who loves the Lord and loves their neighbors wherever those neighbors might be.”

“We also love the outdoors and the countless variety of flora and fauna God created. I have been looking at the world through a camera lens for over 40 years. For over 25 years, I wrote and illustrated magazine features for sporting pubications, all the while polishing my camera craft,” adds Mr. Taylor. “In late 2007, I launched my company, Imagemaker Photography. Theresa is my “spotter.” Many of the most difficult shots you see of wary birds on my website, www.countrycameraman.com, I would have missed had she not been there to point them out for me.”

It comes as no surprise that Mr. Taylor uses his gifts to glorify God and enrich the lives of shut-ins. “Buck has placed his prints in the hallways of seven assisted living centers located within a 100-mile radius of our home,” Mrs. Taylor said. “Every two months we rotate those 14 prints so the residents have something new to look at, and they genuinely seem to appreciate it.”

“I like sharing with other people who don’t get to see all these things,” Mr. Taylor said. “Having a photo helps them understand more about nature and more about God.”

Buck Taylor’s photos pictured on this page can also be viewed on his website at www.countrycamerman.com.

This article was originally published in the Georgia United Methodist Foundation’s 2015 Annual Report.