Certificate Program

The Georgia United Methodist Foundation's Certificate Program is a wonderful investment opportunity that offers spiritual and financial rewards. As of June 30, 2019, we have over $36 million in oustanding certificates. 

When you purchase 1-, 2-, 3- and/or 4-year certificates, your investment earns higher returns than similar instruments and enables GUMF to underwrite loans to United Methodist churches and ministries in Georgia for new construction, expansion and renovation of existing facilities, purchase of building sites, and refinancing of other financial institution’s loans. GUMF's Loan Program currently has 60 loans worth over $29.7 million.

Certificate Term November 2019 Rates* Minimum Deposit
        4 Years         3.20%        $5,000.00
        3 Years         2.80%        $5,000.00
        2 Years         2.60%        $5,000.00
        1 Year         2.50%        $5,000.00





United Methodist churches, ministries and individual investors residing in Georgia may purchase certificates with a minimum investment of $5,000.

*All rates are subject to change without notice. For current rates, please call GUMF at 770-449-6726 or 877-220-5664 or e-mail cjohnston@gumf.org. This ad constitutes neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to buy the securities described. Offers are made only after receiving and reviewing an Offering Circular.