Cuthbert UMC - Investing with United Methodist Values


By Rev. Susan Beverly
Former Pastor of Cuthbert UMC, Cuthbert

The Challenge
Cuthbert UMC is a historically rich and architecturally significant church with balconies, vaulted ceilings, a pipe organ, and beautiful stained glass windows. Shady Grove, our first church, was built of logs in 1843. The congregation was later able to build the current structure on land that was donated and purchased.

We have 118 members on our roll. Our biggest challenge is that the population of Cuthbert is declining, so likewise church involvement has gone down.

The Goal
We are grateful to all of the families who had the foresight to set aside funds for future generations. Our goal is to safely invest these funds with the Georgia United Methodist Foundation so we don’t risk losing capital. Our church is very cautious and conscientious. We want to be good stewards of all that God has given.

The Impact
Our investments with GUMF have allowed us to keep our building in good working order so that we can provide a safe place for our congregation and the community to gather. Without a physical plant, you can’t be the hands and feet of Christ. We’re very much a part of our community. Andrew College, The Millennium Center, and other groups use our church for meetings.

We wouldn’t be as successful if we didn’t have GUMF to guide us into safe investments that give us a good return on our money without unnecessary risk. GUMF also offers us the ability to invest in a socially responsible manner. Our members are incredibly conscientious about being good stewards of the earth, giving back to the community and making the world a better place.