Do Good! October 2020 Calender


Jesus practiced radical hospitality. And you can too! In 2020, GUMF will publish a monthly calendar with ideas on how you can "Do Good!" Please read the ideas below or download the October 2020 calendar

  1. Pray for all infected by COVID-19 and for their caregivers.
  2. Start a laptop drive to help students in need.
  3. Take a stand against systemic racism.
  4. Honor your pastor during National Pastor Appreciation month.
  5. Pray for scientists to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.
  6. Call or visit someone who is in a nursing home.
  7. Turn your church into a safe, virtual learning site for students in need.
  8. Share the Gospel with someone today.
  9. Support initiatives for racial reconciliation.
  10. Confirm you are on track to meet your annual pledge and tithing goals.
  11. Surprise your pastor with a special love offering.
  12. Pray for people who have lost loved ones.
  13. Organize a canned food drive in your neighborhood.
  14. Offer love and encouragement to a senior citizen.
  15. Always wear a face mask in public.
  16. Support racial equality through your donations.
  17. Be patient, kind, humble, and forgiving today.
  18. Organize a drive-by appreciation parade for your pastor.
  19. Pray for our health care workers and public servants.
  20. Encourage senior friends to have their hearing and vision tested.
  21. Counsel someone who has lost their job.
  22. Practice social distancing.
  23. Keep teachers and administrators in your prayers.
  24. Donate a blanket to a shelter.
  25. Pray daily for your pastor and his/her family.
  26. Deliver a meal or set up a Meal Train for a family in need.
  27. Volunteer to tutor or read to a student.
  28. Send encouraging notes to teachers and school employees.
  29. Make a budget and then follow it.
  30. Conduct an energy audit.
  31. Give to a cause you are passionate about.