Empowering Churches, Districts and Conferences Through Investment Management


The Georgia United Methodist Foundation helps churches, ministries, districts and conferences invest funds wisely according to UMC Book of Discipline guidelines while achieving competitive returns. Read on to discover how these investments are making a difference across the State of Georgia.


Kim Brammer, Former Executive Director
The Roswell UMC Foundation, Roswell

“We have 38 endowment funds and one non-endowed fund with GUMF, which have typically been established by members who are passionate about a ministry such as worship arts or missions. GUMF is helping us grow these endowments by providing sound investment management and support. By the end of 2018, we will have distributed our one-millionth dollar in accumulative giving since our Foundation began in 1991.”

Rev. David Hibberts, Chair
The South Georgia Conference Special Relief Fund, Macon
"GUMF manages our Special Relief Fund, which helps pastors in financial trouble usually due to medical or family emergencies. We had a pastor whose son had emergency surgery, and the bills were overwhelming. GUMF always provides the money needed within 24 hours. Because of the way GUMF conscientiously manages our money and maximizes our returns, we have more resources at our disposal. We’re not a number, we’re a friend.”

Rev. Richard Winn Sr., District Superintendent
Griffin District, Griffin
“GUMF helped the Griffin District establish the Midway Methodist Church Cemetery Association after the church closed in 2016. GUMF also manages the Griffin District King Endowment, which provides funds for the cemetery’s maintenance. GUMF invests through Wespath, an agency of The United Methodist Church. Thanks to the triangle of trust between Wespath, GUMF and the Methodist community, we will never have to worry about cemetery maintenance again.”

Rev. Dr. Rick Lanford, District Superintendent
North Central District, Macon
“GUMF manages The North Central District Union’s Parsonage Fund. By pooling our resources with other United Methodist entities, we receive less risk due to diversification and lower costs. It becomes a multiple blessing because of the lives that will be transformed through what our investments are able to do, which is to grow God’s kingdom exponentially.”


This article was originally published in the Georgia United Methodist Foundation's 2017 Annual Report.