The Georgia United Methodist Foundation manages endowments to help secure the financial future of the Church. An endowment is a fund that can be invested to establish a permanent source of income to support programs and ministries such as missions, scholarships, building maintenance and other needs.

We can assist with the promotion and establishment of a Permanent Endowment Fund through our Legacy Ministry Training Program. Click here for more information. We will help you design and implement your customized legacy program by:

  • Providing leadership in planting the seed for a planned giving program through presentations in the church and through consultation with church leaders.
  • Providing step-by-step processes and model resolutions that can be used in establishing a Permanent Endowment Fund, as well as assistance in the creation and organization of a Permanent Endowment Fund Committee.
  • Providing confidential counseling to potential donors to help them clarify their charitable gift giving goals.
  • Providing resources and materials for an effective ongoing planned giving program.
  • Providing professional funds management and investment services for the Permanent Endowment Fund assets.