Family Scholarship Helps Students in Need


When Kyle S. “Stanley” Drake Jr. was searching for a meaningful way to give back, his cousin, Morris Henderson, told him about the scholarship endowment he had established with the Georgia United Methodist Foundation. In 2019, he followed suit and established The Stanley and Mary Ann Drake Scholarship Endowment.

Drake’s parents grew up in the years preceding the Great Depression. His father’s formal education ended in the eighth grade, and his mother graduated from high school. They were self-taught and together became successful in a business enterprise.

Drake’s late wife of 62 years, Mary Ann, helped put him through college and supported him during a Tour of Duty in the U.S. Army. He later became the recipient of his parents’ shared success and could not help but appreciate the value of a formal education they were unable to enjoy.

“As a consequence of Mary Ann’s mothering skills, we were able to raise three sons and make a college education available for each of them. When I see children who have been denied the opportunity of formal education through no fault of their own, it moves me to seek some way to be of assistance to them because I know, for a certainty, that is what Mary Ann would want me to do,” Drake said. “She had an overwhelming desire to help other people and responded to that desire whenever she recognized there was a need for assistance.”

Future United Methodist pastor Theneshia Bowen (read her story) is the first scholarship recipient of this named endowment, which will generate a $1,000 scholarship each year in perpetuity.

“I have no doubt that Mary Ann would be thrilled to know that our financial resources are contributing to the education and assistance of a qualified scholarship recipient,” Drake said. “I am very pleased and blessed to become affiliated with a Christian organization like GUMF.”

If you would like to establish a scholarship endowment to support United Methodist students, please contact Dr. Rick Lanford, Regional Vice President (South Georgia), at 478-256-7130 or, or Nancy Young, Vice President of Development (North Georgia), at 678-708-6601 or