Fannin County United Methodist Lay Council Offers Free Wills Clinic

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The Challenge
“Since the 1960s, our Lay Council has looked for ways to unite and strengthen the six United Methodist churches in Fannin County: Bethel UMC, Blue Ridge UMC, Epworth UMC, Liberty Hill UMC, McCaysville UMC, and Williamstown UMC,” said Teresa Ross, Fannin County United Methodist Lay Council President. “We recently decided to begin offering free workshops with information on topics that people are very interested in.”

Vicki Dillard, Fannin County United Methodist Lay Council Secretary, adds, “We are in a rural area. Most people around here don’t have a will, have not given a lot of thought to looking ahead, or cannot afford an attorney.”

The Goal
“The Lay Council’s main goal in offering the Georgia United Methodist Foundation’s Wills Clinic was to help meet a need that many people in our community and congregations had,” Ross said. “We also wanted attorneys Cathy Cox-Brakefield and Angela Stewart Delorme, to be available to help answer questions during the Wills Clinic, which they graciously did. They are both members of Blue Ridge UMC.”

The Impact
Williamstown UMC hosted the Wills Clinic. “People learned how to plan their will to help their family and also endow or gift money to help their church,” said Rev. Doug Jordan, former Pastor of Williamstown UMC.

“The Wills Clinic was a success. People were grateful that they could ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere without having to pay money,” Ross said. “I know several people who are doing new wills, or have decided to change or update their existing wills.”

Other attendees received reassurance. “We already had our will done. We learned that we had done many of the things that we needed to do,” said Linda Hicks, who is a member of the Lay Council and Williamstown UMC.

Nancy Young
Vice President of Development