How to Give Securities to Your Church


Giving securities is a great, tax-effective way to support your church. Unfortunately, brokerage houses often do not disclose the donor’s name or the beneficiary when transferring stocks. When shares arrive in the Georgia United Methodist Foundation’s account, the mystery begins. Until the mystery is solved, the church does not receive the gift and the donor does not receive a tax confirmation letter from their church.

Here are some tips to ensure your transaction goes as planned.

1. If your church has a brokerage account for this purpose, provide your broker with transfer instructions from your church.

2. If your church does not have a separate brokerage account but does have an account with GUMF, call us for instructions to give to your broker to transfer the shares to GUMF for the account of your church.

3. Notify your church and GUMF each time a stock gift is transferred. Be sure to provide the stock name and number of shares.

At the end of 2019, GUMF had thousands of dollars in unclaimed stock gifts. If you are wondering whether or not your church received your gift that was made through GUMF, call your church to confirm receipt. Or contact Misty Kush, GUMF Accounting Assistant, at 770-449-6726, 877-220-5664 or with the specifics, the beneficiary, and timing of the gift.