Kea Family Shares Faith and Values on Saving, Giving, and Spending


During his 41 years in ministry, Rev. Dr. Donald Kea, retired elder with The South Georgia Conference, has faithfully served as an associate pastor, senior pastor, and district superintendent with Mary Dale, his loving wife of 60 years, by his side. He also served for several years as president of the South Georgia United Methodist Foundation, which later became the Georgia United Methodist Foundation following the 2010 merger between the South and North Georgia Foundations.

Stewardship is a vital part of their lives. “Even as children and youth, we tithed our allowance,” said Mary Dale Kea. “We have always said that the first check you write each month is to your church.”

The Keas have been intentional about sharing their faith and values with their family. “Whenever we give money to our daughter and our grandchildren, we always say, ‘Save some, give some, and spend some.’ That has always been their philosophy as well,” said Rev. Dr. Kea.

GUMF's Certificate Program, which offers 4-, 3-, 2- and 1-year fixed-rate investments, provides a way for the Keas to invest their hard-earned savings in a vehicle that, in turn, provides funds for loans to Georgia United Methodist churches and ministries.

“It is sort of like a savings account so we can look after ourselves and not be a burden to our family,” said Mary Dale Kea. Rev. Dr. Kea agrees. “We couldn’t think of a better place to put our money than with the Foundation. This investment not only helps us, but we love that it helps other people and The United Methodist Church.”