Loan Enhances Residents’ Quality of Life


Wesley Woods Senior Living is committed to creating communities of connection, well-being, and promise for the 1,800 Georgia residents they serve. In 2019, the aging roof and windows in their St. John Towers community in Augusta were beginning to leak and cause moisture build-up issues.

Terry Barcroft, president and chief executive officer of Wesley Woods, knew they needed a lender they could trust that also offered an attractive rate and terms, flexibility, and low closing costs. “The Georgia United Methodist Foundation has allowed us to spend the money where we needed it to be spent – on the residents – not on banker’s fees. They have also protected us from any payment application mistakes from the contractors. We have replaced the roof, windows, window treatments, flooring, and toilets. Our residents are now able to enjoy their home without the threat of leaks or water penetration,” Barcroft said.