Loyalty, Good Common Sense, and Passion


By Mathew A. Pinson, Georgia United Methodist Foundation President and CEO

Here we are in the third quarter of 2022, and the markets and U.S. economy continue to demonstrate volatility, which leads to elevated levels of concern and uncertainty in many aspects of our lives. I give thanks to God for the assurance that we are to “fear not.” I also give thanks to God for the mentors who help center me during challenging seasons.

When I was a freshman in college, one of my first mentors made it a point to pull me aside and share that loyalty, good common sense, and passion are the three most important traits for a person to embody in their professional and personal life. I have reflected on these words over the years with great intensity. Loyalty, good common sense, and passion were soon integrated into my life. To this day, I rely on the significance of these words – both as individual expressions and as a collective.

Someone recently reached out to discuss the volatility of the financial markets. During the conversation, I was asked about the focus of my thinking during this time. How did I respond? Muscle memory kicked in, and I instantly shared the following:

  • Now is the time to demonstrate loyalty to the people, organizations, and strategies we trust (and have trusted) to guide and advise us in all aspects of life!
  • Now is the time to function with good common sense and not be distracted from what is most important!
  • And now is the time to elevate the areas of our life that we are most passionate about so that we come alive with a joy that only comes from a purpose inspired by God!

The words loyalty, good common sense, and passion remain as important to me today as they were more than 20 years ago. Perhaps they will hold meaning for you, as well.

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