Martha Forrest Scholarship Endowment Helps United Methodist Students in Need

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Rev. Martha Forrest and her husband, Bob, of Decatur, are so committed to ensuring that a higher education is within reach of United Methodist students in Georgia that they established a $100,000 endowed scholarship fund managed by the Georgia United Methodist Foundation.

The Foundation shares their passion and in 2013 awarded 80 United Methodist scholarships by partnering with the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation through the United Methodist “Dollars for Scholars” program.

Martha served first as a pastor and then as a district superintendent before retiring from the North Georgia Conference in 2006. “I’m proud of the outstanding Methodist schools we have in Georgia,” she said. “I want to support the young people in the Methodist church in hopes that they will be our future leaders.”

Bob adds, “The unique thing about this scholarship program is that it is matched three times: once by the student’s church, once by the Higher Education Foundation and once by the school that they attend. We hope this scholarship will inspire others to consider giving back because there are a lot of Methodist students who need financial help.”

Scholarship Recipient Lynn Miller, Candler School of Theology
I am the first person in my family to earn a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. This scholarship is making it possible for my dreams of serving the Lord to come true. It is one more affirmation that becoming a minister is what I am supposed to do. Going forward, I’ll be able to help others become future leaders. The gift of the Forrest’s scholarship may be $1,000, but the fruit that comes from it can be immeasurable!

Scholarship Recipient Marita Harrell, Candler School of Theology
I met Rev. Forrest 17 years ago. She encouraged me then to become a minister. I’m so grateful for this scholarship, which has brought everything full circle and is wonderful evidence of God’s provision in my life. It has given me an opportunity to graduate with less debt, but more importantly, it encourages me. This scholarship shows the connectionalism of The United Methodist Church and how there are people backing you who want you to succeed in your ministry.

This article was originally published in the Georgia United Methodist Foundation’s 2013 Annual Report.