Missional Focus Guides Investments of St. Simons UMC

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St. Simons UMC is located in the beautiful resort community of St. Simons Island, Ga. Children will discover loving and caring people who will guide them in their classrooms and activities. Youth will experience the determination of staff and volunteers who will support them in their faith journey. Senior adults will discover programming and volunteer opportunities that will touch lives and make an impact for Christ.

“One of our greatest aspirations as a church is to make sure that families find a safe haven in the midst of a stormy world. We consider it an honor from God for Him to send people to us who need shelter,” said Rev. Marcia Cochran, former pastor of St. Simons UMC. “We strive to see that every age group within our church receives the attention needed to prosper in their Christian life. Our church is generous, diverse, and engaged in prayer and mission.”

This same missional focus of extending Christ’s witness guides the Church’s investment policies.

“We invested in the Georgia United Methodist Foundation’s Certificate Program for several reasons. It is a United Methodist ministry that shares our same philosophies and beliefs. It offers good returns, and with the higher returns, we are able to use those dividends for scholarships and short-term funding opportunities,” Cochran said. “We also like the fact that our funds are being used to help churches that are looking to refinance, build, and expand their ministries. The Foundation is a valuable resource that helps churches grow and share God’s word through socially responsible investments, endowments, and loans.”

This article was originally published in the Georgia United Methodist Foundation's 2014 Annual Report.