New Fixed Income Fund Investment Manager Offers More Options


The Georgia United Methodist Foundation’s Investment Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Wespath Investment Management, an agency of The United Methodist Church, as our Fixed Income Fund Investment Manager effective November 1, 2017.

“As Trustees, we have a fiduciary responsibility to make decisions that are in the best interest of our investors. Wespath has a unique focus in terms of serving clients like ours as well as a history of strong investment performance,” said Calvin R. Stamps, GUMF’s Investment Committee Chair. “Wespath has been our Equity Investment Manager since 2010. We look forward to growing our partnership with Wespath over the long term while faithfully serving the investment needs of our United Methodist church constituents.”

Rev. Keith E. Lawder, GUMF President/CEO, adds, “During our seven-year relationship with Wespath, they have earned our complete confidence that the services they provide enable us to be good stewards of the assets entrusted to us. Additionally, Wespath’s efforts to invest in sustainable and socially responsible ways have been nothing less than inspiring.”

Russell H. Jones, GUMF Vice President/CFO, is overseeing the transition. “Efficiency is one of my passions. Our goal is to do the best job possible at the lowest cost, so our clients have more time and resources available to promote God’s Kingdom,” he said. “Wespath offers our clients more investment alternatives and better than benchmark returns.”

Stamps agrees. “We can offer our clients additional investment options that can be custom-tailored to meet their needs. Our clients will receive faster turnaround for liquidation requests as well as daily trading options that previously were not available,” he said. “Additionally, the administrative burden on our accounting staff will be greatly reduced. The back office function that is required to support our clients is very labor intensive and involves a myriad of complexities. The ability to directly interface with Wespath’s technological platform will reduce the chance of human error and allow for more simplified and accurate performance reporting to our clients.”

This article was originally published in the Fall 2017 edition of Faith & Money, a publication from the Georgia United Methodist Foundation.