New Parking Lot Improves Safety and Curb Appeal


In 2017 when Rev. Tom Dent was appointed senior pastor of Trinity Pooler, he quickly recognized one of the Church’s gifts was making people feel at home. Together, they developed a new mission statement, improved their website, created a new logo that incorporated their beautiful stained-glass cross in the sanctuary, and repaved the aging parking lot, which was beginning to become dangerous.

“Although we had no debt and could have funded it ourselves, we decided to preserve capital, and finance it through the Georgia United Methodist Foundation. We already have money invested with them and were pleased with both the interest rate and terms. It was a win-win situation that benefited GUMF and our church," Dent said. "Our new parking lot is safer for our congregation and communicates to the community that this church is committed to being here. I live in the parsonage behind the Church. Every day I walk over there I say, ‘Thank you, Jesus!’”