Refinance Saves Church $18,000 Each Year


Transformation UMC in Hephzibah began its mission as a church merger but instead became a new church start. “In 2008, the Church decided to build. Their prior mortgage was a 5-year adjustable-rate amortized over 15 years with a constant variable rate and a large balloon payment at the end of every five years,” said Rev. GiGi A. Warren, senior pastor of Transformation UMC. “When I was appointed in 2018, I made loan refinancing a priority. I knew from previously serving in various roles within the annual conference that the Georgia United Methodist Foundation would be our best rate option. Our mortgage debt has dropped and provided an annual savings of $18,000, which has been a blessing to our church. We have been able to set aside funds for our children and youth ministry, attend to deferred maintenance needs, and upgrade our external marketing strategy to the community. I am so thankful to GUMF for helping us continue God’s kingdom work.”