Resolutions for the New Year


By Rev. Keith E. Lawder, GUMF President/CEO

Every January, my wife, Mary and I, sit down together and discuss our resolutions for the New Year. By sharing our goals, we can help keep each other accountable. We have also found it helpful to write down our resolutions in a journal so we can review them periodically throughout the year.

One of my resolutions in 2019 is to renew old friendships. A couple of years ago I caught up with a good friend from high school whom I had not seen in years. We’ve since gotten together several times and truly enjoy our renewed friendship.

In this issue of Faith & Money, we have provided a few ideas for you to consider. Whether you choose to take on a new spiritual discipline or improve your physical or financial health, our prayer for you in the New Year is that you will draw closer to Christ. In doing so, may you find that peace and joy which surpass all understanding.

This article was originally published in the Winter 2019 edition of Faith & Money, a publication of the Georgia United Methodist Foundation.