Scholarship Endowments

$25,000 Investment = Annual $1,000 Scholarships Forever

The purpose of the Georgia United Methodist Foundation's Scholarship Endowment Program is to provide matching United Methodist Dollars for Scholars scholarship support for Georgia United Methodist students attending United Methodist higher education institutions. 

We ask that you prayerfully consider establishing your own $25,000 endowment or give to GUMF's Undesignated Scholarship Endowment Fund. Recipients of the scholarship will be selected by GUMF as a part of the UMDFS Quadruple Match. Here's how it works:

Your Endowment Contribution $1,000
UMHEF Contribution $1,000
Participating UM-related School $1,000
Student's Georgia UM Church $1,000
Total Scholarship Opportunity: $4,000

Donation Options
1. Donate $20,000 and receive a challenge match of $5,000. Three challenge matches are available through 2025.
2. Name a scholarship in honor or memory of a person, group of individuals, or an organization.
3. Designate any participating United Methodist-related school.
4. Designate students from a specific United Methodist Church.
5. Your pledge may be made over three to five years.
6. You may also donate any amount to GUMF's Scholarship Endowment.


Nancy Young
Vice President of Development