Selby Family Saves More While Growing God’s Kingdom


By C. Warren Selby Jr.
Member of Martha Bowman UMC, Macon

The Challenge
My parents, Warren and Evelyn “Byrd” Selby, met in church. Their faith is the tie that kept them together for 69 years of marriage.

I worked with my dad in our family business, Warren Associates, Inc. When he passed, I lost my dad, my boss, and my friend. He told me many times to take care of my mother. With my dad’s passing, I needed to step in and assist my mother with her investments. The good news is that we’re a close-knit family. We had already discussed their personal finances and my mother’s needs.

The Goal
My mother’s investment goals are conservative. We are concerned about preserving capital and choosing safe investments that will give her the returns she needs in the years to come. Her other investment strategy is to assist others and to support any mission of the Church to expand the kingdom and make more disciples of Christ. Our family is blessed. We want to be a blessing to others.

The Impact
The Georgia United Methodist Foundation’s Certificate Program is a win-win. It provides our family with the ability to accomplish our investing goals while growing God’s kingdom. Our investments are being used to expand facilities and programs, to bring more people to Christ, and to make more disciples. The returns that we receive have been equal to or above market rates. With any investment, you look at the risk versus the return. Are the certificates FDIC insured? No, but there are a lot of investments in the world today that are not federally insured. GUMF is managed by a good group of people who have the same goals and mission as my family..

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