The Family Letter and the Notebook



By Rev. Keith E. Lawder, GUMF President/CEO

My Dad was a careful man who dearly loved his family. When he chose me to be the executor of his estate, he asked me first and explained to my siblings that he had chosen me. He spent some time explaining his expectations.

Every New Year’s Day he revised THE LETTER. THE LETTER instructed me as to what I was supposed to do immediately after he passed. THE LETTER included the name and contact information for his attorney, his pastor, and the cremation society. It also included a map of his desk which identified where important documents such as copies of his will, insurance documents, and THE NOTEBOOK were located.

Inside THE NOTEBOOK were documents relating to brokerage and banking accounts, tax records, checkbooks, and credit card information. There was also contact information for each account.

His NOTEBOOK was invaluable because it helped me immediately take over financial and other caregiving for my mother. I came to realize that his planning and preparation reflected his love for his family. Do you have a family letter and a notebook?