The Power of Teaming Up with GUMF


In 2011, First UMC of Marietta in Marietta, Ga. formed the MFUMC Endowment Foundation. Its vision is to create a perpetual source of funds to meet the Church’s extraordinary mission and ministry needs while carrying out the Great Commission for generations to come.

The MFUMC Endowment Foundation began collaborating with the Georgia United Methodist Foundation in 2011. Foundation Board Chair Brett Mathison, Board Member Lillian Budd Darden, and Board Chair of the Materials Committee Reynold Jennings share why teaming up with GUMF makes perfect sense.

GUMF: Why did the MFUMC Endowment Foundation invest in GUMF’s Certificate Program?

Brett Mathison: We have a very conservative investment strategy and knew that GUMF’s Certificate Program was a very responsible way to start investing our funds.

GUMF: Why did the MFUMC Endowment Foundation enroll in GUMF’s Legacy Ministry Training Program?

Reynold Jennings: GUMF has experience with communications materials, has a vast library of educational materials and brings credibility to a startup Foundation.

GUMF: How did GUMF’s Legacy Ministry Training Program benefit the Church?

Brett Mathison: As a result of the training, we have updated our website, materials, leadership presentations, and some of our donation policies.

Lillian Budd Darden: Our Board members are now empowered to ask their fellow church members to create a Christian legacy to help sustain the ministry and mission of MFUMC after their lifetime.

GUMF: Why should church members leave a legacy gift to the MFUMC Endowment Foundation?

Brett Mathison: Direct or planned gifts to the Foundation provide another way for members to express their love for the Church and their love for Christ.

Reynold Jennings: Jesus is the founder of the Church. All we have is from God and nothing is more important than a final tithe to help secure a church’s future so the Church can carry out its Great Commission vision and mission.

GUMF: What value did the GUMF-led Wills Clinics bring to MFUMC?

Brett Mathison: The Wills Clinics were a valuable resource that provided detailed information about planned giving. We plan to continue to offer these seminars near the end of the year when people are thinking about making additional gifts above and beyond their tithe.

Lillian Budd Darden: The Wills Clinics inspired many long-time members to create a Christian legacy.

GUMF: What has been the impact of the MFUMC Endowment Foundation’s collaboration with GUMF?

Lillian Budd Darden: The collaboration has been extremely helpful. Not only is the MFUMC Foundation Board better informed to facilitate legacy giving, but our church members are also more aware of the importance of creating their Christian legacy. GUMF provides many useful educational materials on endowments and legacy giving. MFUMC makes these excellent resources and the invaluable expertise of GUMF available to our congregation.

Reynold Jennings: The partnership first helped to educate Foundation Board members on their role, provided a focus of information so as to be more effective in communications, and also provides an investment option for the conservative portion of legacy investment asset management.

GUMF: Would you recommend other churches partner with GUMF, and if so, why?

Brett Mathison: I sure would. Partnering with GUMF is a win-win. If we’re successful, we know GUMF will be successful and will have more funds to contribute to Methodist churches.

This article was originally published in the Summer 2017 edition of Faith & Money, a publication of the Georgia United Methodist Foundation.