Wespath Institutional Investments Q3 2022 Quarterly Review


The Georgia United Methodist Foundation is pleased to provide you with this exclusive Investment Quarterly Review. The Foundation is the exclusive distributor of the I Series of the Wespath Institutional Investments (Wespath) funds to United Methodist entities within the State of Georgia.


2022 Investment Forum With Wespath Institutional Investments Recording is Now Available

The Georgia United Methodist Foundation would like to thank everyone who joined the 2022 online Investment Forum with Wespath Institutional Investments on October 19. Mathew A. Pinson, Foundation president and CEO, provided insight into the Foundation's purpose and mission and partnership with Wespath. Karen Manczko, Wespath Director, Institutional Investments provided an overview of Wespath and the Foundation's investments. Dave Zellner, Wespath Chief Investment Officer, provided a global market update. 

Watch the 47-minute webinar recording here.


Market and Wespath Fund Performance¹

  • Fund Performance: Net-of-Wespath fees performance through September 30, 2022, is available here.

  • Key Takeaways from Third Quarter's Markets​: After a challenging start to the year, third quarter's markets provided no reprieve for investors as they continued to face generational-high inflation, hawkish Fed policy, bond losses, an energy crisis in Europe, and a looming global recession. Wespath Managing Director Joe Halwax breaks it down in Wespath's Q3 commentary.

  • September Investment Report and Video Recap: Piotr Chwala, Wespath Manager of Private Markets, provides a video update on September's markets, including another Fed rate hike, policy missteps by the U.K. governmment, record-high appreciation by the U.S. dollar, and more. Wespath's full Monthly Investment Report is available here.

Wespath Sustainable Investment Quarterly Highlights2

  • "ESG" Strikes a Nerve, Why it Shouldn't: The term "ESG" has been receiving criticism in the media, but is it warranted? Wespath CIO Dave Zellner argues "no." His op-ed published by Top1000funds.com explores common critiques of ESG and why he believes investing sustainably is a proactive strategy that adds value for investors.

  • Midwest Investors Diversity Initiative (MIDI) for Increased Board Diversity: MIDI is an investor coalition working to increase racial and gender diversity on corporate boards. Wespath's coalition has now worked with 70 Midwest-based companies, and they are pleased to announce that 95 women and persons of color have received board appointments. Read more about Wespath's progress in this press release.

Fiduciary Focus Educational Series

New Thought Leadership on the Investment Insights Blog

  • "Fed" Up With Inflation, the Fed Continues to Raise Rates: This time last year, inflation was labeled as transitory (or temporary). Fast forward a year, and the Fed has hiked interest rates again to account for soaring inflation. Evan Witkowski, Wespath Manager of Institutional Relationships, shares more about the unprecedented change in Fed expectations, how it has affected markets and the Fed's future predictions.
  • Uncovering Asset Manager Talent: An Asset Manager Due Diligence Overview: Wespath looks to invest with exceptional asset managers and hold them to the highest standard. Learn more about Wespath's robust, repeatable and holistic investment due diligence process, detailed by Mark Warren, Wespath Manager of Public Equities. 

Video Resources

  • Unscripted: Rob Nicoski of Disciplined Growth Investors: Rob Nicoski of Disciplined Growth Investors (DGI) sits down with Wespath's Mark Warren to discuss DGI's philosophy of buying for long-term value, culture of open idea generation, and how they’ve "turned patience into an artform."

1 Historical returns are not indicative of future results. The Wespath investment funds are neither insured nor guaranteed by the government. For more information about the funds, please see the Investment Funds Description – I Series

2 Wespath Benefits and Investments implements the sustainable investment strategies for investment funds made available through it and its subsidiaries, including Wespath Institutional Investments.