Wespath Institutional Investments Quarterly Review (Q4 2021)


The Georgia United Methodist Foundation (GUMF) is pleased to provide you with this exclusive Investment Quarterly Review. GUMF is the exclusive distributor of the I Series of the Wespath Institutional Investments (Wespath) funds to United Methodist entities within the State of Georgia.


Market and Wespath Fund Performance1 

  • Fund Performance: Net-of-Wespath-fees performance through December 31, 2021, is available here.

  • Markets at a Glance Video Update: Wespath’s Piotr Chwala, Manager of Private Markets, provides a video update on the markets, including reactions to the rising Omicron variant, the highs and lows of the U.S. labor market, changing central bank policies and upcoming interest rate projections from the Federal Reserve.

  • Monthly Investment Report: Read Wespath's full market and fund performance commentary in the December 2021 Monthly Investment Report.

Introducing Wespath Benefits and Investments New General Secretary and CEO: Andy Hendren

  • With the new year, Wespath welcomes a new General Secretary and CEO, Andy Hendren! Andy has been with the agency since 2004, notably as a member of the senior leadership team since 2015.

  • In Wespath's latest Investment Insights blog, Andy answers the questions, "what do improv comedy, John Wesley and sustainable investment have in common?" and "what is stewardship evangelism?"

Wespath Sustainable Investment Quarterly Highlights2

  • Featured in UMNS—“Why Does Wespath Care About Sustainable Investing?” How does Wespath ensure that their investments uphold the Social Principles while seeking strong performance? This involves both “values-based” and “value-adding” sustainable investment considerations. Read more about Wespath’s approach from CIO Dave Zellner.

New Thought Leadership on the Investment Insights Blog

  • The Fiduciary Case for COVID-19 Vaccine Equity: A year after the initial rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, a serious gulf in vaccine distribution rates has emerged in many countries around the world. This blog highlights the issue of vaccine inequity and explains why, amid the spread of the Omicron variant, the social, ethical and economic importance of addressing the vaccine gap is as important as ever. Read it here.

  • Investing for the Net-Zero Future—Wespath’s “Transition Ready Strategies”: November marked the three-year anniversary of Wespath’s low-carbon “Transition Ready” strategies. Learn how these first-of-their-kind investment strategies have delivered competitive returns and reduced carbon emissions intensity since their launch in this blog post.

1 Historical returns are not indicative of future results. The Wespath investment funds are neither insured nor guaranteed by the government. For more information about the funds, please see the Investment Funds Description – I Series

2 Wespath Benefits and Investments implements the sustainable investment strategies for investment funds made available through it and its subsidiaries, including Wespath Institutional Investments.

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