What Should We Do with the Money?


When someone leaves money to the Church, or when the Church decides to put some aside for a rainy day, how should these funds be invested? If you’re looking for an investment partner which will help you balance good returns with wise stewardship, here are some factors to consider.

  1. How will the money be used?
  2. When will the money be needed?
  3. Who will decide how the money will be used?
  4. With whom should the money be invested?

The Georgia United Methodist Foundation’s mission is empowering people to change lives! Here are the benefits of working with us.

  1. We invest through Wespath, the same folks who invest your pastor’s retirement funds.
  2. Our returns are consistently near or above benchmarks.
  3. Our goals for safety and security are the same as yours.
  4. All surpluses from our operations are reinvested into Methodist ministries.
  5. We can tailor a program to meet your church’s specific investment needs.

Please contact us today so we can help you meet your investment goals!

Rev. Keith E. Lawder
404-906-1425 (Cell)
Rev. Stephen A. Waldorf
VP of Development
478-746-9688 #124 (Macon)
478-747-0042 (Cell)

If you would like Keith or Steve to preach at your church, contact Louise Hintze at the GUMF at 770-449-6726, 877-220-5664 or lhintze@gumf.org.